170 years and counting…

The story so far


Gwaliramji Kasera, a Rajasthani merchant, decides to shift his family and business to the tea growing state of Assam. He could not have  known it then, but his decision would go on to be the foundation for Myotea, a brand built by his descendant centuries later.


Gwaliramji Kasera’s grandsons move to Panitola, a small town in Assam. This town was populated almost entirely by people in the tea trade. In fact, the tea growing industry had led to the formation of an entire community around it – with hospitals, schools and residences being built to cater to the needs of the tea estate managers and workers, and their families. MyoTea still has some of its tea gardens here and works with many tea growers from this town.


Parsuramji Kasera (Gwaliramji Kasera’s great grandson), is invited to become the first Indian member of the Panitola Planters Club (now known as the Panitola Sports Club). This club was the biggest social hub among the tea growers at the time – and it was still highly exclusive under the British rule. With his magnetic personality and generosity of spirit, Parsuramji soon becomes a valued member of the club. It is also where he entertains renowned guests like Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi.


After generations of living on the land of tea, studying it and trading in it, the family sets up their first tea estate. Parsuramji Kasera, an astute businessman, decides to expand the family business by growing their own tea in an estate near Dibrugarh.


Fast forward to 1983. Parsuramji Kasera’s grandson, Mr. Pramod Kasera sets up one of the most well organised tea factories of the time at the age of just 27. Called the Kasera Tea Co., this factory was known to produce some of the finest teas in India in that period.


In a spirit of philanthropy and giving back, the estate announces that the sales proceeds from five chests of tea (amounting to over Rs. 12,000) will be donated to Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity.


The estate continues thriving, and during this year, it records the highest yields in India.


Fast forward another 30 years. Pramod Kasera’s daughter Prachee Kasera keeps up the family’s entrepreneurial spirit. She establishes MyoTea – a brand that would build on the family’s tea growing heritage and expand it to processing great tea and making it available to consumers all across India.

Our vision for the future

We want to make authentic high-quality tea
available to every tea lover in India

We want to encourage more people to discover the joy of tasting pure tea, minus any adulterations

We want to encourage small growers in Assam

We want to establish sustainable farming practices over time