Gift Box – Classic Edition (Select)

Gift Box – Classic Edition (Select)

The perfect gift for the classic connoisseurs in your life! This gift box comes with the two most classic tea offerings from our range — MyoTea Black and MyoTea Green. Simple, fuss-free, yet truly elegant in taste and flavour, these teas are sure to be appreciated by those who enjoy the finer things in life.


MyoTea Black
Pure black Assam tea, processed through the CTC (cut-tear-curl) method to give it a bold aroma and maintain a consistent flavour profile. This is the perfect tea for your morning cuppa or for those times when you need a strong pick-me-up.

Origin: Assam
Appearance: Dark, chocolate coloured grains.
Quantity required for a cup: 1.5gm
Steep time: 4 minutes

MyoTea Green
Pure loose leaf green tea grown in Assam. Known for its many health benefits, this is the ideal tea to sip through the day. Its mellow, light flavours help you unwind, making it the perfect tea just before you turn in for the night.

Origin: Assam
Appearance: Green to light brown leaves that are almost whole and unbroken. Quantity required for a cup: 0.5gm
Steep time: 3 minutes