Gift Box – Collector’s Edition

Gift Box – Collector’s Edition

This one’s an ideal gift for the curious and the adventurous. The box contains 3 rare, exclusive teas and tisanes from around the globe — the Silver Needle from Darjeeling, the Golden Pearl from Vietnam and the Blue Butterfly from Malaysia. With their subtle flavours and unique aromas, these teas will certainly delight those who love exploring something new.


MyoTea Silver Needle
Pure, delicate white tea of the Silver Needle variety. This is made from the youngest, silvery buds of the tea plant, harvested right at the beginning of the season, and rolled into needle-like shapes. It gives you the gentlest floral aroma and delights your tastebuds with a light, fruity flavour. Since only the youngest buds are used for this, we usually have limited quantities of this tea at a time.

Origin: Darjeeling
Appearance: Wiry needle-like buds, the colour of old silver.
Quantity required for a cup: 5-7 Needles shaped leaves.
Steep time: 4 minutes

MyoTea Golden Pearl
Fresh and delicate, this tea is made from the tenderest buds of the tea plant, harvested before sunrise. The unfurled buds thus boast of a delicate, sweetish flavour and aroma. The buds are then rolled into almost round pearls. When steeped, these pearls open up to release their flavour and make a fragrant, amber hued brew.

Origin: Vietnam
Appearance: Curled pearl-shaped or spiral buds, golden brown in colour.
Quantity required for a cup: 3-5 pearls.
Steep time: 3 minutes

MyoTea Blue Butterfly
This is yet another tisane that is made from dried butterfly-pea flowers and offers a host of health benefits. Steeped in hot water, it gives you a blue beverage that soothes the senses.

Origin: Malaysia
Appearance: Dried Blue Flowers with earthy white base
Quantity required for a cup: 2-3 flowers
Steep time: 3 minutes